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Starting All Over Again

Starting All Over Again: Never Too Late

There was once a writer who said that a person may be physically worn out but never can the spirit be broken. This is exactly what Filipinos and especially those who faced the monstrous super typhoon “Yolanda”. Who would ever say that the Philippines would experience what the American encountered and much worst than Hurricane Katrina?

Yet it happened and as what everybody feared most was the destruction of almost everything along its path. This is one event which will be remembered for many generations to come.

Two weeks ago before that fateful day, I was together three other people to give a seminar for the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in Maasin Leyte which is the capital of Southern Leyte. The airport was located in Tacloban City and we had to travel by land covering approximately 170 kilometers or 3 hours drive. The scenery was picture perfect and roads well maintained. Every town we passed by was busy with different businesses. Fishermen unloading their catch in styrofoam boxes, farmers drying rice grains, fruit vendors tending to new deliveries and school children walking to their schools.

The participants who attended our talks were a mix of housewives, retirees, students, teachers all eager to learn what we can share on starting a business, packaging innovation and entrepreneurial mindset. There must be somewhere 200 people who took part in the whole day event.

On our return



Why Get A Franchise Business?


Why Get a Franchise Business?

This reader was asking why she should get a franchise business?  Let us call her Annabel.

Dear Mr. Bartolome,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Annabel a mother of three growing children. My eldest is 22 years old and just finished her studies in a known culinary school in Makati. The other two both boys are in high school. Being a single mother, I was able to make both ends meet.

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Entrepreneur’s Dilemma

                                  Are You Having An Entrepreneur’s Dilemma

Building a business takes time. This is so when the entrepreneur started this business from a dream. The first five years is almost always a roller coaster ride. Challenges after challenges come up and earth shaking situations may be tremendously felt. This is  as if the entire purpose is to test if and when the entrepreneur may be easily uprooted.

Here are some reasons why entrepreneurs start a business?

1. Alternative to employment: Many always dream of having a business which may be a saving factor  as compared to being employed. However to enter into business no matter how small but without proper orientation or guidance may be disastrous. Life time savings may be at stake.

2. Additional income from existing income: This is true some who may be employed would perhaps have a spouse enter into a business. It is more practical as both are still earning. There will come a time when the employed spouse may be facing a cross road. If and and when the business starts to grow, the employed spouse may have to give up and fully concentrate in further enhancing the business. Reality check: couples must be able to be comfortable in becoming entrepreneur couple. They have to identify the work areas each must focus.

3. Business Expansion: An entrepreneur after fully concentrating in the business may realize the need to further branch out. Staying in one area may not fully maximize its potential. The entrepreneur has to explore and learn the benefits of franchising. We all wonder how a certain brand has managed to grow into different places. We also read how brands which were unheard of suddenly we may see in foreign countries like the United States or Middle East?

This is what franchising can give to the entrepreneur.

Do YOU want to see Great Filipino Name Brands?

12th Filipino Franchise Show


Positive Attitude Affects Business GMB Franchise Developers Inc.

Positive Attitude Affects Business                                          Positive Attitude Affects Business

I am going to ask you to something very weird right now. First of all, I want you to listen to your thoughts. Now tell me, what thoughts fill your head? Would you label them as positive, or negative?

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Creative Thinking Helps Solve Problems GMB Franchise Developers Inc.

Creative Thinking Helps Solve Problems

                                    Creative Thinking Helps Solve Problems

How many times have you caught yourself saying that there could be no other solution to a problem and that that problem leads to a dead end? How many times have you felt stumped knowing that the problem laying before you is one you cannot solve. No leads. No options. No solutions.

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What Innovation Can You Do To Your Life GMB Franchise Developers Inc.

What Innovation Can You Do To Your Life?

                                     What Innovation CanYou Do to Your Life

What Innovation Can You Do To Your Life is a spin off from a question sent to me by follower of my blog. In my past article I wrote about Thinking Outside the Box. Innovation has definitely made our lives comfortable. Imagine those times where telephone meant just a landline. Beyond the phone, one may either be reached by a telegram. Remember companies like PT&T, RCPI? Oh well some may not recall.  It’s a talent that everyone has, yet they think they don’t.

The power of innovation. If you’ve ever marvelled at somebody’s creative prowess, guess what, you can create and innovate too. It just takes time. Everyone is born creative. The box of crayons in kindergarten were not limited to those who possessed potential; because the truth is, everybody has potential.

You know how long it took to learn to ride a bike or drive or to never commit the same mistake again? It’s the same with innovation. It takes a bit of practice and a lot of time before this mind function comes easily when called. This article will teach you a few tips on how to bring innovation into your life.

Innovation #1: Don’t listen to what other people say.

Follow the beat of your own drum. Allowing for the input of other people will only bring cacophony to the music you are trying to make. If you have an original idea, don’t waste your time and effort trying to make people understand. They won’t. And the help you will probably get comes in the form of negative feedback. If all those geniuses listened to their peers, we would probably still be living in the middle ages.

Innovation #2: Spend time on it.

I cannot stress that enough, although, please do not mistake this tip to tell you to quit your day job entirely. Do not. This involves some tricky time management but with a little discipline you’ll be able to squeeze both in.

Innovation #3: Exercise.

Take a walk. Run a mile or two. Send all those endorphins coursing through your veins. Exercising certainly clears and relaxes your mind and allows for anything to pop up.

Innovation # 4: Record your dreams.

Aren’t some of them just the craziest things that your conscious mind would never have thought of? If you’ve had these dreams before, and I’m sure have, this only shows you the untapped innovative power you have lying within. So jot down those notes. Those dreams may just create an innovative spark in you.

Innovation #5: Find your own style.

You can always tell a Van Gogh from a Matisse. You’ll know Hemingway wrote something by the choice of words on the paper. So it is the same with you. People will appreciate your innovation more because it is uniquely yours and that no one else would have thought of what you were thinking. That will let people see how valuable an asset you are.

Innovation #6: Don’t hide behind nifty gadgets or tools.

You don’t need the most expensive set of paints to produce a masterpiece. The same way with writing. You don’t need some expensive fountain pen and really smooth paper for a bestseller. In fact, J.K. Rowling wrote the first book of the Harry Potter Series on bits of tissue. So what if you’ve got an expensive SLR camera if you’re a crappy photographer? Who cares if you’ve got a blinging laptop if you can’t write at all? The artist actually reduces the number of tools he has as he gets better at his craft: he knows what works and what doesn’t.

Innovation #7: Nothing will work without passion.

What wakes you up in the mornings? What keeps the flame burning? What is the one thing that you’ll die if you don’t do? Sometimes people with talent are overtaken by the people who want it more. Think the hare and the tortoise. Ellen Degeneres once said that if you’re not doing something that you want to do, then you don’t really want to do it. And that’s true. Sometimes you just want something so bad you become a virtual unstoppable. And that is passion. Passion will keep you going.

Innovation #8: Don’t worry about inspiration.

You can’t force it; inspiration hits when you least expect it to, for those unpredictable yet inevitable moments you should prepare. An idea could strike you on the subway, yet alas, you poor unfortunate soul; you have no sheet of paper to scribble down a thought that could change the world. Avoid these disasters. Have a pen and paper within your arm’s reach at all times.

I hope this article has helped you bring more innovation into your life. Keep in mind that you’re doing these things for your own satisfaction and not anybody else’s. But soon enough they will notice, and everything should snowball from there.

The world today has innovations too which can be destructive to one’s self. Time spent  for hours and hours in Social Media can be either productive or counter. Having the latest model of smart phones may be destructive or productive.

At end of the end as the song goes “Nobody but Nobody You” can be either successful or remain status quo.

Are You A Coach To Your Business? GMB Franchise Developers Inc.

Are You A Coach To Your Business?

Are You A Coach To Your Business?

Are You a Coach To Your Business is another task and challenge to today’s entrepreneur. Coaching is no longer reserved to sports teams; it is now one of the key concepts in leadership and management. Why is coaching popular?

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10 Ways to Positive Thinking GMB Franchise Developers Inc.

10 Ways To Positive Thinking                                          10 Ways To Positive Thinking

10 Ways To Positive Thinking was what I began to reflect due to recent events. In our world today, there were reports of people taking their own lives simply because they could not take it anymore. The recent Boston Marathon shook the world. What was supposed to be a happy and annual celebration for many years turned into one disastrous scene. We have our Philippine boxers who all before were all full of honor and glory in the past years. Today like dominoes, one by one began to falter. For a person to be aware of events, there are times when one’s positive thinking gets crumpled. Here are 10 Ways To Positive Thinking:

Positive Thinking #1. Take Good Care of Yourself

It’s much easier to be positive when you are eating well, exercising, and getting enough rest.

Positive Thinking #2. Remind Yourself of the Things You Are Grateful

For Stresses and challenges don’t seem quite as bad when you are constantly reminding yourself of the things that are right in life. Taking just 60 seconds a day to stop and appreciate the good things will make a huge difference.

Positive Thinking #3. Look for the Proof Instead of Making Assumptions
A fear of not being liked or accepted sometimes leads us to assume that we know what others are thinking, but our fears are usually not reality. If you have a fear that a friend or family member’s bad mood is due to something you did, or that your co-workers are secretly gossiping about you when you turn your back, speak up and ask them. Don’t waste time worrying that you did something wrong unless you have proof that there is something to worry about.

Positive Thinking #4. Refrain from Using Absolutes
Have you ever told a partner “You’re ALWAYS late!” or complained to a friend “You NEVER call me!”? Thinking and speaking in absolutes like ‘always’ and ‘never’ makes the situation seem worse than it is, and programs your brain into believing that certain people are incapable of delivering.

Positive Thinking # 5. Detach From Negative Thoughts
Your thoughts can’t hold any power over you if you don’t judge them. If you notice yourself having a negative thought, detach from it, witness it, and don’t follow it.

Positive Thinking # 6. Squash the “ANTs”

In his book “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life,” Dr. Daniel Amen talks about “ANTs” – Automatic Negative Thoughts. These are the bad thoughts that are usually reactionary, like “Those people are laughing, they must be talking about me,” or “The boss wants to see me? It must be bad!” When you notice these thoughts, realize that they are nothing more than ANTs and squash them!

Positive Thinking # 7. Practice Lovin’, Touchin’ & Squeezin’ (Your Friends and Family)
You don’t have to be an expert to know the benefits of a good hug. Positive physical contact with friends, loved ones, and even pets, is an instant pick-me-up. One research study on this subject had a waitress touch some of her customers on the arm as she handed them their checks. She received higher tips from these customers than from the ones she didn’t touch!

Positive Thinking # 8. Increase Your Social Activity
By increasing social activity, you decrease loneliness. Surround yourself with healthy, happy people, and their positive energy will affect you in a positive way!

Positive Thinking #9. Volunteer for an Organization, or Help another Person
Everyone feels good after helping. You can volunteer your time, your money, or your resources. The more positive energy you put out into the world, the more you will receive in return.

Positive Thinking #10. Use Pattern Interrupts to Combat Rumination
If you find yourself ruminating, a great way to stop it is to interrupt the pattern and force yourself to do something completely different. Rumination is like hyper-focus on something negative. It’s never productive, because it’s not rational or solution-oriented, it’s just excessive worry. Try changing your physical environment – go for a walk or sit outside. You could also call a friend, pick up a book, or turn on some music.

When it comes to the corporate world, protocol is pretty much the religion. To know the things needed to do are the basics of productivity, but interaction and having a steady mind makes up the entire thing to true productivity. There are those who seem to work well even under pressure, but they’re uncommon ones and we are human and imperfect. To get these little things like stress under our skins won’t solve our problems. Sometimes it takes a bit of courage to admit that we’re turning to be workaholics than tell ourselves that we’re not doing our best.

Impossible Is Just a Word You know that? GMB Franchise Developers Inc.

Impossible is Just A Word                                  Impossible Is Just A Word You Know That? Continue reading